About us

Setting out with the slogan of Trust in Building, Asm Group continues its success with a network of architects, engineers and field teams, each of whom are experts in their fields. It is not only aimed at managing construction in the growing construction sector, but also benefits from the latest technologies by providing real-time cooperation with the project team from pre-construction to the end. Along with the solutions and services it offers, it has signed many pioneering and exemplary quality innovative projects with turnkey real estate investment projects, university buildings, official buildings, military lodgings, military air superstructures, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects carried out in Turkey and abroad with its quality standards. Our company proves its quality and reliability with international documents such as ISO 9001: Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001: Environmental Standard and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Quality Management Systems Standard and ISO 15504 (SPICE). Together with the renewed construction regulations, our company has a Class A Contracting Certificate.

Asm Group has become the first choice of housewives, especially with its innovative designs and housing projects implemented in its region, where human needs are unlimited with its half-century history.

It continues on its way with sustainable growth targets in order to sign new projects in the country and abroad by delivering the projects started in the contracting sector on time and completely.

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